How quickly will I see results with my KS Esthetics products?

Each person’s skin is unique which makes everyone’s experience different. What customers tell us is the first thing they notice is their skin feeling smooth and hydrated. However, factors such as stress, travel, diet, sun exposure and constancy in using your products all effect your results. For best results follow directions on product label.

Do I really need an eye cream?

Yes! The tissue around your eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on your face, neck and chest. This is usually one of the first areas that begins to age the earliest. Our eye cream is formulated specifically for the skin around the eyes. This allows the product to prevent and target signs of aging.

Do your products expire?

Our products have limited preservatives. In limiting the shelf life, we can provide you with the freshest product possible. Products can sit unopened, in a temperature controlled area, for 14 months and should be used within a year of opening.

Where is KS Esthetics made?

KS Esthetics is proud to be made in North Texas. All of our trusted suppliers are close to our headquarters which enables us to maintain the highest quality products and standards.

Does KS Esthetics offer long term benefits?

Yes! Every ingredient in our products has a dedicated purpose in order to provide you with the best results. Our formulas use the highest concentrations of results oriented ingredients. These active formulas are unique because they penetrate the skin to target changes deep within the dermis.

How often should I exfoliate?

Exfoliating is key for maintaining soft smooth skin. You should use our Lemon Facial Scrub 2-3 x’s a week.

Do I need to use the KS Esthetics sunscreen every day?

Most definitely YES! Whether you are outside or inside all day, UVA/UVB rays damage your skin. Using our sunscreen every morning is your best layer of defense for protecting your skin.

If my skin is dry how often should I wash my face?

Makeup, oil, dust and dirt build up on the skin not only during the day but while you sleep too. So all skin types should wash their face 2 times a day. But using the right cleanser is key in keeping the skin balanced and preventing it from drying out.

Do your products contain parabens?

No. We only use gentle preservatives in low concentrations.

Why do you use essential oils instead of fragrances?

At KS Esthetics we strive to use ingredients that are all beneficial and purposeful for the skin. Essential oils play key roles not only for aroma therapy but enhancing the skin. Our products not only smell great but have a purpose.

Why use peptides in your products?

Peptides are proteins and when formulated properly they significantly enhance results when used in skincare. Our peptide blends are unique in two ways. 1) They are specifically chosen to enhance the formulas of each product. 2) They are formulated with the highest concentrations allowed by the FDA.