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skin aging

Epidermis vs. Dermis

The Epidermis is the most outer layer of the skin. We see and feel this skin tissue every day. It is several layers made of mostly dead skin cells. Overtime, this layer becomes dull, dry, and jagged in appearance when not properly treated

The Dermis is the “live” layer of the skin. Located under the Epidermis. Hold the collagen and elastin tissues which keeps the skin toned and firm.

How Skin Ages

Aging of the skin is caused by many things including genetics, stress, diet and sun exposure. UV rays are a top contributor to aging skin – causing visible damage on the surface like age spots and fine lines to breaking down collagen levels which cause deep wrinkles and a loss of firmness.

Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and Elastin are located in the Dermis and keep the skin smooth and firm. When UVA rays damage the skin, they cause the tissues to weaken resulting In wrinkles and sagging.

Sun Exposure

UVB Rays, also known as burning rays, cause discoloration of the skin which can lead to age spots. These rays effect the outer most layers of the skin.

Environment & Pollution

Air pollutants such as smoke and exhaust damage the skin cells; effecting the overall health of the skin by amplifying the aging process.

Diet & Hydration

Water and food play a role in aging of the skin. Lack of hydration and nutrients can cause the skin to appear dull and tired.


Can cause hormonal changes in the body which can lead to acne and a texture change in the skin.