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Combat Aging While You Sleep

Combat Aging While You Sleep

The term beauty sleep has a whole new meaning in professional skin care industry. A good nights rest can go along way however, what you put on your skin before bed may have just as big of an impact. As a licensed professional, day spa owner and product developer Retinol has always been my go to ingredient for stimulating collagen which is why I developed the Moisturizing Retinol Night Cream by KS Esthetics Professional Skincare.

Formulated with one of the highest concentrations of pure retinol, peptide, and botanical moisture to slow and reduce the signs of aging. This night cream is unique in its ability to stimulate collagen, correct and even skin tone all while hydrating the skin. Our TI5 complex improves performance of the retinol and peptide by driving these ingredients deep into the skin where the collagen lives therefore enhancing results. Natural shea butter hydrates surface skin cells to balance and nourish. It also contains five effective antioxidants to strengthen the skin from free radicals and reduces inflammation which can lead to premature aging.

Before you go to bed, remember what you apply to your skin does make a difference and the Moisturizing Retinol Night Cream is the professional choice for beautiful morning skin.

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