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Restoring Dry Skin

Restoring Dry Skin

Dry skin sufferers generally seek out thick moisturizing creams to find relief. However, dry skin can be so much more than just moisture loss. Many factors play a role into why the skin becomes dry. A few reasons can be because of aging, over exfoliating, UV exposure and diet which can all effect the outer most layer of the skin. This outer layer is known as the lipid barrier. When this barrier is compromised the skin is not able to retain moisture and then becomes dry and dehydrated.

In order to rebalance the lipid barrier and protect it from breaking down the skin needs nourishment from natural fatty acids and plant oils. Replenish facial cream from KS Esthetics Professional Skincare provides the natural fatty acids of avocado, grape seed and squalane to aid in lipid replacement while orange oil and gotu kola soothes and plumps the skin.

For all of those suffering with dry skin, skip the thick heavy creams and try Replenish to correct and maintain long term moisture.

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