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The Power of Professional Vitamin C

The Power of Professional Vitamin C

Over the past decade Vitamin C has become a common ingredient in many skincare products because of its ability to protect and correct the skin. With its popularity on the rise, it becomes more difficult to decipher between all the options available to the consumer. As a licensed Esthetician, day spa owner and creator of KS Esthetics Professional Skincare I wanted to develop a product that provides superior results and takes the guess work out of which vitamin C product to purchase. Therefore, I created the C E Peptide from KS Esthetics Professional Skincare.

The C E Peptide is a 3 in 1, highly concentrated, powerful antioxidant serum that dramatically improves the skins ability to protect and prevent UVA/UVB damage. The secret to the formula and its effectiveness is in the name; C E Peptide. The “C” stands for Vitamin C, also known as L-Ascorbic Acid. This ingredient is the most absorbent and effective vitamin C which can reduce discoloration therefore, brightening skin tone, preventing UV damage and stimulating collagen. As an added bonus, it is infused with a 15% concentration! The “P” is the peptide which is blended at the highest concentration allowed in the USA to restore skin aging by up to 10% by reducing wrinkles, limiting muscle movement and plumping skin. Added to the Vitamin C and Peptide is the “E” which is vitamin E a powerful antioxidant that provides hydration and anti-inflammatory properties while repairing the skin. These 3 ingredients work synergistically and were blended to penetrate deep into the live skin layers where true correction and change happens. Therefore, Providing superior results with every application.

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