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Your at Home Exfoliating Body Treatment

Your at Home Exfoliating Body Treatment

What is the key to soft, hydrated skin? Exfoliation and a great moisturizer!

As the Owner of Culture A Day Spa in Frisco TX and KS Esthetics Professional Skincare my team has access to some of the best services and products in the industry. Everyone is avid users of KS Esthetics face and body products and we recommend them to all of our clients. My team at Culture A Day Spa encourages their clients to take home their products and exfoliate on a regular basis. In fact, every Saturday evening after a full day of providing 5 Star services the team goes home and exfoliates. The at home exfoliating body treatment has become a ritual for the team, our clients and now everyone who wants soft, silky skin!

Items needed for the at home exfoliating body treatment:

  1. KS Esthetics Signature Citrus Hand and Body Wash
  2. KS Esthetics Signature Citrus Sugar Scrub
  3. KS Esthetics Signature Citrus Hand and Body Cream
  4. Exfoliating Gloves



Step 1: Turn your shower on to create steam….this is very important to open up your pores to allow the product ingredients to penetrate into the skin.




Step 2: Complete a full body double cleanse with the Signature Citrus Body Wash. Wash your body first to remove dirt, oils and sweat. Follow immediately with a second full body cleanse to allow the natural extracts and citrus oils to infuse into the skin.



Step 3: With exfoliating gloves apply Signature Citrus Sugar Scrub to the palm of your hand. Starting with the arms work the scrub into the skin with a side to side motion upwards toward your shoulders, moving to the back, working left to right and then the legs in an upward motion. End with using both hands to apply scrub to the heel and in between each toe.



Step 4: Rinse the entire body and massage left over oils into the skin. Towel dry and apply the Signature Citrus Body Cream. To achieve best results, apply the body cream to damp skin. This will help to lock in moisture and allow the rich hydrating butters to absorb more easily.


Now everyone can enjoy soft, silky skin with the KS Esthetics at home exfoliating treatment!

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